Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Heat & Hill Repeats

For me there is just something about working up a good sweat, you can't beat that feeling of having worked hard. Three miles were done in well over 30 degree heat this evening. I made sure to pre-hydrate with lots of water and brought along my usual belt with drinks for the run. I was lucky enough to have a run buddy this evening..one of my work mates and a recent 1st time marathoner.

We headed to a nearby neighborhood for some good hills. 60 seconds of hard running up and a nice jog back down. Probably not the most intense workout I've ever done, but if it prepares my legs for the pounding up and down hills I'll be doing all summer it can only be a good thing. I did find running up tiring (well duh) but on a positive note I recovered my breath and my heart rate dropped quickly afterwards ....guess my fitness levels are going up after all. I'm gonna try incorporate one hill session per week in some form or another.
Doesn't look like a hill..but it is!

One downside to all this running is that my hair is now a permanent frizzy mess. Normally I'm quite vain about my hair, despite not being the most girly of girls, but the idea of straightening it every single morning has me reaching for a hair band more often than not. Not noticing any improvement in my body so far, I guess I'll have to rely on the big hair to make me look smaller. Define increase in appetite tho...MUST NOT GIVE IN and eat everything in sight.

On the cards this week:
3 miles today---check
4 miles tomorrow
3 miles Thursday
5 miles Saturday (yay step-back week)

Future goal: There are some re-ah-eally steep hills on side streets near USC in Columbia around 500-800m long...if you live here you probably know the ones I'm talking about. I wanna be able to run start to finish up one comfortably at a run...not a walk, or a crawl..a run! Booyah!

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