Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Half-marathon plans

Sooo in a little impulsive fit I signed up for a half-marathon. Its called Run with a Hero. I'm due to run one on the 21st of July for my training.
 This one is on the 20th . http://beta.active.com/fort-bragg-nc/running/races/run-with-a-hero-2013 
Honestly this race will either be brilliant or a disaster it really depends on how quickly they pull it together, not too much info available yet other than the course. I was originally planning to just go up to Asheville and run the planned half-marathon course there, to let me see what to expect for the marathon. Maybe for one of my later long runs I'll do that but I decided if I'm gonna run 13.1 miles for the first time in my life, I might as well get a medal for it. Plus it's for a good cause. Registration done... Hotel booked. Now onward with training.

This week: Week 4
Today         3 miles
Tomorrow   4 miles
Thursday     3 miles
Saturday      9 miles
Sunday        Cross train 

Waiting for some thunderstorms to clear before heading out. I'd rather not be electrocuted, thank you!

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