Sunday, 16 June 2013

A typical Saturday-Week 3 roundup

As usual this weekend seems to have flown by! The older I get the faster time in general goes...and the grey hairs multiply magically. Saturdays have a general order. Up at 7, puppy out and played with for a while. Weight Watchers and then out for breakfast. 
This week I finally bit the bullet and set my WW goal weight... Which I've already been at in the last few months. I was originally going to try for a lower weight but I'm just not getting there. Now I just have to get back to goal weight, 4.6 lbs to go. This has given me more incentive to watch what I eat closely. Instead of just relying on running to burn off any extras, I now have to hold myself accountable. I'm also trying to think of food more in terms of fuel, pure sugar is not gonna be enough to keep me going throughout the week. So any extras earned by running must be healthy foods. The extra 40ish dollars a month saved by getting a lifetime membership is also an incentive, especially if I can put it towards building a new wardrobe for what I hope will be a nice runners body by September.
After brekkie and a stop at a few shops (aka stores) I came home to wage battle with our badly overgrown lawn, lots of rain in the last week. Believe me when I say it put up a good fight. I was soaked in sweat by the time I was done...a few choice words may have been muttered throughout. Must not procrastinate on grass cutting. 
Then a nap, yes I said a nap, before run time. I stuck to the usual park for my run, a nice 5 miler. This week the long run was shorter as Hal Hidgon's program does step back weeks. These slightly easier weeks are designed to let your body recover before the next step up in mileage. The step back in miles was greatly appreciated. I finished 5 miles comfortably enough doing just under 10 minute miles. My knee hurt again this week towards the end of the run...but nowhere near as bad as previous weeks. Obviously, I still need to invest more time into stretching, particularly my IT band, but its getting better. I stretched out after my run and listened to some country music for a while as there was a band playing at the riverfront, who can complain when your two best friends are patiently waiting for you :)

I think I've been on a bit of a downer this week so on a positive note.... I'm really grateful for not only being able to run but the fact that its getting me outside so much. There are so many things I wouldn't have seen if I wasn't out and about on a run. For example I saw loads of fireflies the other night as it got dark, so pretty. I'm also slowly tanning, my legs are no longer glow in the dark white, all pluses. I'm sure I'll complain my way through my training, that's just me, but have no doubt I appreciate the fact that I have the ability, lifestyle, family and good friends to let me do this. 
Chilling out now with a sleeping puppy as I write this, before I go for an hour of yoga and then a swim to round of this weeks training. 

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