Saturday, 22 June 2013

A heavy heart!

Today I was gearing up for my long run and feeling quite intimidated at the idea of running 9 miles. I set myself up with some new socks (from target). My belt, one 8oz water, one Ultima Replenisher (Lemonade Flavor), and finally I get to try out my Jelly Belly Sports Beans (delicious). 

Knowing I was pushing it time wise, before darkness set in, I headed out the door.
Now for the sad part....
My neighbor was outside calling frantically for her dog. I was gonna go back and ask her about it but I'd heard her having a huge fight that morning with the guys that lived with her...I didn't want her to think I was nosy!  I set off resolving to keep an eye out for the dog. I didn't get very far before I heard her wailing. I looked back and she had opened up her truck. Straight away my heart sank, I knew what happened. The door of the truck had been opened all morning and into the afternoon. At some stage the dog had got in and not seeing him someone had closed the door. The poor thing was dead from heat exposure. I went back and checked him and tried to console her but there was nothing I could do or say, her baby had died. RIP Blue.

I've been reading Scott Jureks book, Eat and Run:My Unlikely Journey to Ultra-marathon Greatness, for inspirationHe talks about state of mind while running, especially a singleminded focus. Today my singlemindedness wasn't focused on my run, all of my thoughts were with that poor woman and her dog. Selfishly I also thought, frequently, how glad I was that it wasn't my little man in a car dead. So please please watch your dogs, especially when it's so hot, even thinking they are safe in the garden isn't enough sometimes!
I ran a couple of miles to the river walk, ran it to the end and then back towards the start on a parallel street. Ran this loop twice and headed towards home. By the time I got to 4 miles my knee started acting up, grr! But today I embraced the pain, better a bit of physical pain than pure heartbreak. Sweated literally buckets, thank goodness for electrolytes, see sweat drop below. 
Everything else felt really good, I guess my training is paying off and the drink and beans combo is working out so far. I got home with a mile and a half to go. I kept looping the block around my house until I was done, in the dark.

I still feel a bit down but nothing can be done :(

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  1. That is so sad to read! I hope she is doing ok now... Also a very nice and inspirational blog to read! Just started running again so I'm going to try and read your blog on a regular basis! Thank you!