Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Week One: Marathon Training commences

So the long awaited marathon training has begun. My plan for this week is 3 miles Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and a long run of 6 miles on Saturday. I completed the 3 mile run easily enough yesterday although I did it in the evening instead of the morning as planned. Ironically I didn't go in the morning because I woke up in the middle of the night sweaty and dehydrated. I also happened to be out of bottled water (I hate the taste of chlorine) and didn't make the time to get any all in the end I was dehydrated and running in 31 degree (somewhere in the high 80s in F) weather. STUPID girl.
I did manage to find some nice streets to run on.
This morning I got up tired but feeling ok and went for a swim with my new gym membership to the Strom Thurmond gym at USC. I mostly swam with my arms, trying to work on those while saving my legs for later.
  *One plus from running...I did indulge myself a little today. I had a gorgeous savory crepe (Potatoes, Swiss cheese, Spinach and Tomatoes) AND I shared a nutella and banana crepe with one of my buddies...just amazing!*
Learning from my mistakes yesterday I decided to prehydrate for this evenings run. I had the orange flavor Ultima Replenisher (reviewed here) before I even went out for a run (it was yummy) as well as lots of water.I didn't get out to run til after it was almost dark (remember reflective gear people). I had a 'little' nap after work, rather than fight tiredness all evening,which turned into a big nap. So its now 10:30pm and I've just finished a cup of edamane as my dinner. I think I need to work on my hydration strategies and my time management more.

p.s I hate the waste that goes with buying bottled the idea of paying someone for something that should be for the most part freely available. I do plan to get one of those filters you can attach to a tap...I have no idea which type any suggestions?

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