Friday, 31 May 2013

Track lovin, hard running...

Another late run this evening...I headed to the track at USC which is really close to my house. A fast(ish) 3 miles were on the books as my long suffering roommate was nice enough to come watch me run. Well be my bodyguard was more like it. Again I was overstuffed with food running, but I didn't vomit once (yay me). I actually really enjoyed the run especially with the beautiful skies I got to see, as the sun set.

Feeling the pressure of having someone watch/wait on me made me run a bit faster, I did 3 miles in 27.09 mins...not even close to my fastest 5K pace, but ok considering I haven't tried to run fast in quite some time. By the time I was done the track looked more like this ----->

I was a little bit sore this morning, so I put 1/2 a scoop of whey powder in my porridge..ideally I should have really had it straight after I ran, but I figure better late than never. I've use the Optimum Nutrition Whey before and it really helps with muscle soreness. I topped of my porridge with some banana and a teaspoon of maple sirup, yummy!

So this week I have just one run left, a 6 mile long run...ekkk. I haven't run a full 6 miles since I did the Cooper River Bridge Run in early April. This run is gonna be tricky, I going camping to Table Rock State Park in upstate South Carolina this weekend. I'm not sure but I'm almost certain that its going to be very hilly around there. I'll report back on Monday but all I probably be able to do is whimper and type the word ouch!!!

The plan is to get up early (because I'm so good at that, insert sarcasm here) and then have the rest of the day to explore with the puppy. The one plus is that it should be a few degrees cooler up there than in Columbia. I just have to remember to DRINK and haul some ass! Wish me luck.

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