Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sunny Saturday...long(er) runs and a picnic

Today started off as it usually does..early with a puppy crying to go outside! Then my Saturday routine commences.
Weight Watchers weigh in followed by a nice breakfast (don't worry the irony of that is not lost on me at all). Now that Saturdays are gonna be long run days..I need the fuel, at least that's what I tell myself.

Then some shopping, home to change and pick up the puppy. After taking forever to find and load everything and we're off to Sesqui Park, a beautiful pine forest here in Columbia.
Its a bit of a different place to run as in its trails are not paved but not quite as rough as some of the others I've seen...these are nicely graveled. I choose a 2 mile loop around the lake, while my roomies went for a walk together.

 I did OK I'd love to say that I powered around but no I didn't. I sweated A LOT but did better that I thought, possibly due to a drink I was trying out (will review in another post). It was fun to lap my roommate who was walking in the opposite direction and I'm pretty sure all those other people I lapped thought I was either a sweaty mess or awesome, ha ha!

All was going good only walked after my first lap for a few seconds. I agreed meeting my roommate on the second lap to finish wherever I met her on the third one and we'd walk back together as a cool down. I was rocking out to PINK starting my third lap and I got a case of runners belly (I'm not even gonna explain that). I've been prone to this before on longer runs and knew this was not the time to be a hero, it wasn't going to go away. Roommate and dog just had to make it back themselves, I turn and hightailed it back to the restrooms. As I walked back I'm pretty sure a few people thought I was in labor as I bent over to ride out the awful stomach cramps. Lets say I made it back but I might pack some bathroom paper just in case next time....pine needles might be a bit rough.

Soooo a short time later, feeling better it was time for a picnic. Carefully staying downwind of my roommate (because I was sweaty), I had a nice lunch and an almost nap in the sun. I think the puppy enjoyed this part most. What a great way to spend Saturday.
This is my last run before starting marathon training offically. From now on I run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursadays, Saturdays (long) and crosstrain Sundays. I'm not so sure about the cross training bit but it'll probably consist of swimming or yoga..something stretchy and low impact to counteract all the pavement pounding. Hopefully over the next few months I'll magically transform into a skinny, graceful running machine.

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