Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review: Ultima Replenisher

Lets start with some harsh truth I don't like drinks unless they contain fizz or alcohol. Somehow I don't think slugging down Coke Zero as I run is going to get me around the marathon. I've tried numerous electrolyte drinks and gels. I've hated them all. They are all loaded with sugar, gloopy or just taste awful. I know that sugary is not necessarily bad when running a marathon but I would like to feel like I'm not going to vomit from the overload, or choke as a glob of it sits in my throat.
I know from reading that its good to train with the drinks and fuel you plan to use to run the marathon. I've been keeping an eye on the blog for the Asheville Citizen Times marathon (which I'm registered for) and was curious when they announced that the course supplied drink was going to be something I've never heard of, Ultima Replenisher. I don't like anything I've had before, so why not try this stuff. I looked everywhere I went and eventually I found 1 serving sachets in Whole Foods, great because I didn't want to be stuck with a huge tub of it if I didn't like it. I got all the flavors they stocked in my local store.
I've tried the lemonade and orange flavored ones so far. 1 sachet (0.15 oz) makes up to 12 fl.oz of electrolyte drink.

 It has no sugar, its sweetened lightly (from the taste) with Stevia and best of all for a weight watcher like me it has only 10 calories but all the electrolytes I need.
I've got the carbs end covered by something else for long runs (will review later). For me this is the perfect drink, I can take this on all my runs, long and short without worrying about all the sugar I'd be loading up on. The flavor is very light on the lemonade one and orange, in a nice way. It might be different with the other flavors, I'll update as I try them. In short its light, it does the job and it doesn't make me want to puke, what more could you ask for. I think I might be in love!

Ultima FAQs here:

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