Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Evening Run

Nice gentle run tonight...just enjoyed it. Ran at any old pace and stopped along the way to take some pics. Its been a miserable day here with one huge thunderstorm this afternoon...so I set out with grey skies hoping it wouldn't rain on me.

However those grey skies played to my advantage with the temperature only hovering at 23 degrees Celsius. I did a nice easy run across Blossom Bridge here in Columbia.

 I finally found the entrance to the lovely River Walk there. Then turned around to high tail it home before it got dark. I got most of the way there before an old knee injury started to niggle (not so old after all). But what really pulled me up short was the MASSIVE blister developing on my left ankle and the underneath of my left foot...don't look at the next pic if blood grosses you out. That folks is why you should always wear well fitting shoes. These happen to be a pair I'd never really worn but brought over from Ireland anyhow. Lets just say I won't be wearing these again as they obviously aren't a good fit. Hey it might be stupid but it makes me look pretty hardcore!

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