Monday, 11 July 2016

Dublin Half Marathon Training

So long story short…after TWC cut off our internet, to repair the line, our wireless router crapped out. We are moving in 3 weeks and will get one for free through the apartment. So right now I’m crazy busy packing etc. and don’t have wifi so no posts.
There hasn’t been a whole load to report other than I’m glad that I took a break because everything is feeling pretty good right now. I was enjoying my break so much that when I thought I’d better check when I was due to start training for the Dublin Half Marathon in September, I discovered I’ve missed the first week of training…..face palm!

Its not such a big deal since overall I’m well enough conditioned (I think!!) to jump into week 2 as I’m following the Novice 1 program of Hal Hidgons = minimal running in this furnace of a city.  I’m planning to do a mix of road and treadmill running…probably more of the treadmill. That’ll be difficult but on the plus side I won’t get heatstroke or have to worry about getting hit by a car. The little bit of outdoor running I do will hopefully make me feel like superman when I run in Ireland as it’ll probably be cool by SC standards in September.

I’ll try post weekly training logs and that’ll be a whole lot easier in a few weeks J

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Not training this week...and plans

Not really a whole lot to report. I did 2 body pump classes and a few stretching sessions at home. No ankle or shin pain and the sore knee I had in my last half is slowly loosening up enough that I haven't noticed it in class at all. Yippee!!!
My body is taking this whole resting thing to a new level. I've slept through the majority of this weekend. Maybe knowing where we are living for the next six months to a year has released some stress 😀 
However, a couple of weeks of taking it easy has kind of got me missing running but I guess that's the whole point of taking a break!! I was adamant that I wasn't going to run much this summer and I'm still on that thought train. To prep for the Dublin Half in September I'm going to mix a Hal Hidgon novice program with weight training and some other cross training. Enough to get me ready for that race and have a base for fall training ....but not enough to kill me with the heat (or boredom on the treadmill). That begins mid-end of July so for the next few weeks I'm slowly going to mix back in some running. I'm ridiculously excited to finally run a half at home so I think that'll be really great motivation for the next few months.
As far as other races go....I'm not sure I haven't registered for anything new yet. There won't be too many as new states = flights which means every race is a big investment. I'm thinking of the Staten Island Half in Oct, as Martina has been to NYC but not squeezed in any touristy stuff so it'd make a great weekend trip. So there is that and the Big Easy Half NOLA in November that I'd already registered for. Any recommendations? 
Work has also calmed down a lot (a grant was being submitted so prelim data had to be generated hence the crazyness) so I should be back to more regular posting.