Monday, 12 June 2017

June 12th update ---feeling better again

After two weeks of feeling pretty crappy, with piriformis syndrome again, I'm finally back to feeling much better. What did I do differently?

1.  I backed off exercise except for my most basic PT exercises and walking this week. 
Seen a lot of cool wildlife out walking this week. I feel like my recovery is slower than this turtle.

2. Relaxed. I tried to calm the hell down because I got pretty worked up about the fact I was having pain everyday again. It took a good cry to acknowledge how shitty it was making me feel and miraculously slowly I began to feel better, until this Friday I woke up pain free again. There is other stressful, but good, life stuff happening. I'm not just a drama queen, ha ha!!!

3. I've been super diligent about taking B vitamins everyday to help with nerve repair.

4. I've tried to correct my posture when sitting upright.

Ultimately, give how the last of the pain left overnight I think my hips shifted into a good position again releasing some tension on the muscles and in turn the nerve. Whatever did it, I'm so happy to be pain free. I'm going to try adding more exercise in again this week, probably weights and swimming, to try continue getting stronger. Fingers crossed the last couple of weeks were just a tiny blip in my recovery!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dealing with setbacks

Frustratingly the last two weeks have been painful weeks, after a long pain free period of day to day life. This is now the end of the 4th month I've dealt with recovering from piriformis injury. 
It's only when it gets worst that I realize how good I've had it! I've gone back to daily constant pain. It's not bad pain (2-3/10)  but it's a setback. I think I can put it down to looking after my friends baby for a couple of hours a day and as a result of frequently sitting for long periods of time, often with not so good posture. Something else to work on.
In good news, I can still roll on a ball (all over my butt cheek) which is something I could barely tolerate even as I was finishing PT. I have so many trigger points and as a result my long suffering partner is now having to work those out using an elbow as most are pretty deep or in akward spots. 10-15 painful minutes 2-3 times a day has been helping so much it's crazy!
I'm trying to stay positive. I know that for some people this injury takes as long as a year to clear up so we are playing the long game. I'm continuing with lots of work in the gym as well as stretching. Doing the physical work is easy, staying positive not so much. I'm really missing running more than 1.5 miles, especially those nice 5-6 mile runs, tiring and statisfying but not absolutely exhausting! I'm going to keep fighting to get back to it though and I think once I get some fitness back I'll be a better runner for the work I'm doing now.