Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Moving house

Moving house is meant to be one of the most stressful things you can do. I wholeheartedly agree but it has also been really fun and rewarding.

It has been a 2 month process. Since we were downsizing to an apartment early preparation was essential. We sold a lot of stuff, mostly things we weren't using...too much storage can be a bad thing! Some things went to make way for new furniture, letting us update our look since we've haphazardly build up our decor collection in the last 3 and a half years.
The funny thing is that the biggest change has occurred to what was my favorite room in our old house, the living room. Off went our giant (super comfy) sectional to a new home and in came a smaller Ikea sofa. I've had so many great naps on the old sofa but sadly its a little too big for apartment living.

Now I have some new favorite spots:
 1.) My bedroom. Its been made a bit lighter, dare I say girlier, with the DIY dreamcatcher we made from a hoola hoop and with no more hideous blue carpet all our furniture looks so much better. Some new brighter bedding, which we can now do because we don't have blue carpet, is all this room really needs for now (are you getting the impression that I hate blue carpet yet!).

2.) Our balcony. Its so nice to have a clean outdoor space to sit with no bugs biting me. I'm going to add a big fronded plant for a tropical feel, as if the weather isn't enough, and a footstool of some sort.
The physical move itself was long and exhausting. We got the keys on Friday evening and spent until ten that night moving the kitchen and bathroom stuff with the car and for a few hours after that we unpacked all of that so the place was a functional place to eat (and pee :)).
We already were in love with the place so Friday night we all slept on our camping air mattress. The next day was an early start but I discovered I'm a pretty good van driver. From around 7.30am until 1pm we filled the truck and emptied it multiple times. This wouldn't have been so bad except we now live on the third floor, my shoulders and back still hurt from hauling heavy stuff up 3 flights of stairs. I wouldn't recommend it in over 90 degree heat but I'm sure we'll appreciate living on the top floor when it comes to not having noise though! Then because we wanted everything done that day we had lunch and spent the next  4 hours cleaning the old house.....boy was it grubby after weeks of everything sitting in boxes...and of course cleaning all those places you normally never reach. We must have done a good job though because we got a check for our full deposit back the next day, yay.

Once all of that was done I started to relax. Monday morning coffee on the balcony was a lovely start to the day and being dropped across the street from my work by the shuttle was really nice being sweaty just getting to work/being late because of parking!

Boomer is still adjusting...lots of crying when we leave (it breaks my heart to listen to his little whimpers over skype) but he is slowly realizing this is home. Its taking him less time to settle each time we leave and last night he stole some kitchen paper and ripped it up all over the carpet so he is getting back his normal cheeky self. He is making some friends in the little dog park that is right outside our door...including a baby version of Kitty (what we called our neighborhood's stray cat) and embarrassingly trying to beat up a puppy (can't stand them for some reason but kittens are cool).

We still have so many boxes to unpack and lots of decor to buy  but already I can tell that this was the change that we both needed if we were going to stay in Columbia for another while.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dublin Half Marathon Training

So long story short…after TWC cut off our internet, to repair the line, our wireless router crapped out. We are moving in 3 weeks and will get one for free through the apartment. So right now I’m crazy busy packing etc. and don’t have wifi so no posts.
There hasn’t been a whole load to report other than I’m glad that I took a break because everything is feeling pretty good right now. I was enjoying my break so much that when I thought I’d better check when I was due to start training for the Dublin Half Marathon in September, I discovered I’ve missed the first week of training…..face palm!

Its not such a big deal since overall I’m well enough conditioned (I think!!) to jump into week 2 as I’m following the Novice 1 program of Hal Hidgons = minimal running in this furnace of a city.  I’m planning to do a mix of road and treadmill running…probably more of the treadmill. That’ll be difficult but on the plus side I won’t get heatstroke or have to worry about getting hit by a car. The little bit of outdoor running I do will hopefully make me feel like superman when I run in Ireland as it’ll probably be cool by SC standards in September.

I’ll try post weekly training logs and that’ll be a whole lot easier in a few weeks J